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Disclaimer and General Conditions





A. Preamble

The Flying Lap Trackday takes place on a circular route on an airfield that is closed to public traffic during the event. The event does not serve to achieve top speeds and not to determine the shortest driving time, but to optimize driving skills and driving technique. The exclusive aim of the event is to improve road safety. Each participant must behave in such a way that they do not endanger other participants with their behavior. This is particularly the case when vehicles of different strength are driving on the race track at the same time and there are differences in speed. Without exception, the participants release all the aforementioned persons from any third-party claims in the event that they hold the aforementioned persons jointly liable for an accident or other damage caused by the undersigned. By submitting these contractual declarations, each participant irrevocably accepts the above conditions without any restrictions, so that they become effective for all participants upon submission of this registration. The waiver of liability applies to all claims for any legal reason, in particular for claims for damages from contractual and non-contractual liability and also for claims from tort.


B. Waiver of liability and contractual declarations by the participants to exclude liability

All participants such as drivers, co-drivers, vehicle owners, vehicle keepers, helpers and others take part in the event at their own risk. You bear the full civil and criminal liability for all damage caused by you or the vehicle used by you or others, unless an exclusion of liability is hereby agreed. Teams are liable for their drivers, co-drivers and helpers.

By submitting this registration, the participants declare their waiver of claims of any kind for damage in connection with the event, namely against Flying Lap GbR, the organizer or organisers, including all affiliated clubs, associations and organizations, their helpers, Sports instructors, sports directors and sports wardens, the track owner and operator, all affiliated companies and their employees, including the track marshals and other commissioned security personnel and companies.

Authorities, service providers, marshals and all persons associated with the organization of the event,

the road developer, insofar as damage is caused by the condition of the roads/surfaces to be used at the event, including accessories,

the vicarious agents and vicarious agents of all aforementioned persons, companies and institutions.


Excluded from this are damage to property that is based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the persons named under items 1 - 4 and other damage that is based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty.

The waiver of liability also applies if, at the request of participants, instructors take their vehicles to demonstration drives or demonstration drives and if participants get into vehicles

of the organizer or other club members.

The liability of the participants among themselves remains at all times, no liability waiver applies here. The participants undertake to compensate the injured party for any damage they cause during the event on the grounds of the racetrack or to other participants or their vehicles and to settle them directly with them or through their own liability insurance, if such exists. If there is no insurance cover, the participant undertakes to pay the damage incurred in full within 60 days.

With this declaration, the participants fully indemnify the persons named under points 1 to 4 from any claims by third parties if they hold the aforementioned persons jointly liable for an accident or other damage caused by the undersigned.

Is a vehicle due to a technical If the defect is no longer completely drivable or operating materials (oil, petrol, coolants, etc.) are leaking out, the driver must immediately park the vehicle in a safe position on the shoulder or in a suitable place. The incident must be reported to Flying Lap immediately if there is no direct contact with track personnel. The occupants must immediately get to safety behind the crash barriers. If necessary, following traffic must be warned from a safe position by hand signals. In addition, following detailed instructions from the route management, the vehicle must be towed from the route area by the authorized towing service used for this purpose. The resulting costs are borne by the vehicle driver. Private towing trips are not permitted.

Cleaning costs due to the leakage of operating materials on the entire site are also at the expense of the vehicle driver.


C. Special Disclaimer of Flying Lap GbR

The Flying Lap GbR is not liable for damage caused to the participants, their companions and mechanics or their material goods by third parties.

The Flying Lap GbR assumes no liability for the condition of the race track or associated facilities.

Registrations can be rejected without giving reasons. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and strong medication is absolutely forbidden at this event. The instructions of the organizer staff must always be followed.

D. Terms of payment and cancellation

D.1 Customer Payment Terms

The fee for the event is due upon conclusion of the contract and will be settled.

D.2 Rebooking, withdrawal and cancellation


You can withdraw at any time before the start of the event. The declaration of withdrawal is in writing, by e-mail

  to explain to the organizer.


The following cancellation conditions apply:

In the event of cancellation after registration: 50% cancellation fee on the price to be paid according to the ticket
Up to six weeks before the start of the event: 75% cancellation fee on the price to be paid according to the ticket
From six weeks before the start of the event: 100% cancellation fee on the price to be paid according to the ticket
In each of the aforementioned cases, the participant reserves the right to prove that the organizer has suffered no damage or less damage.


A ticket can be passed on by the participant (at the same price as offered by Flying Lap GbR), so that the participant does not suffer any economic damage.

The transfer does not take place via the Flying Lap GbR, but the Flying Lap GbR must be named before the event for approval and re-registration. 


If you do not participate in a bindingly booked event, the fee remains due.


The bindingly booked date, 0:00 a.m., is decisive for the calculation of the rebooking and cancellation fee.


Cancellation fees are due for payment immediately. The organizer is entitled to offset these against payments already made.


E. Security Conditions

The participant recognizes the conditions of the tender and the above disclaimer

and undertakes to follow them scrupulously. He assures:

I am in possession of a valid driver's license.


I or my passenger will be belted up during the event and wear a road-legal helmet for vehicles or motorcycles.


Car windows/convertible and sunroofs are closed during the event.


The vehicle used by me at this event corresponds to the provisions of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations in all respects.


All changes made to the vehicle are duly entered in the vehicle documents.


The statutory motor vehicle liability insurance is in force, the insurer has not given notice of termination.


When driving past, my vehicle does not generate more than the db limit specified for the respective event (92 db).

F. Cancellation of the event / force majeur

In the event of cancellation of the event, even in part, due to force majeure, such as civil war, armed conflicts, terror or natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.), which directly or indirectly relate to the country where the event is being held and for which the organizer is not responsible the participant is not entitled to a refund of the participation fee or to compensation for other damages, such as travel or accommodation costs.



Additional Provisions, Especially for Spectators


Staying on the event site includes the recognition of the following terms and conditions according to which Flying Lap GbR grants access to the site and event.

Spectators may only stay in the areas of the event site designated for spectators.

In the event of an abortion or early cancellation of the event by Flying Lap GbR, there is no claim for damages.

There is a possibility that surveillance cameras will be installed on the event site. You consent to any Imagery being created for general backup purposes. You also agree that Flying Lap GbR and/or the operators of the event site may use the recordings in any legal matter or pass them on to the police.

The creation, storage, recording or transmission of any type of sound recording, image material or audiovisual material (hereinafter referred to as recordings) from, during or in connection with the event is not permitted. The storage, recording or transmission of any information and any data, including official timekeeping, results, performance, telemetry, weather or data of the organizer (hereinafter referred to as data) is also prohibited. Any type of equipment that enables the performance of the aforementioned actions is prohibited on the premises. Personal electronic devices (including cameras, cell phones and other portable devices used for personal communication) are permitted on premises unless otherwise noted. This is subject to the condition that any recordings, data and any image material, including photographs and any type of still images that can be created from a recording of the event, that are recorded, stored and/or created after the event, are exclusively for personal, private use and not to be used for commercial purposes.

By entering the premises, you agree that a) the use of the aforementioned recordings, data and images for any form of public advertising, display, commercial gain or any other purpose (excluding private use) without the prior written permission of Flying Lap GbR is strictly prohibited and constitutes a breach of the terms and conditions for which you may be held liable, and b) at the request of Flying Lap GbR, you will retain the exclusive right of use and all intellectual property rights to any Footage or Recordings you make of, created, created, saved or recorded during or in connection with the event, in writing to Flying Lap GbR.

For safety reasons, paths and stair areas must be kept clear on the grandstands or in the spectator area.

The instructions of the Flying Lap GbR employees, the stewards and the security personnel must be followed. Violation means trespassing.


Except for seat cushions, no bulky items may be taken into the stands or the spectator area.


Do not exceed the existing safety devices! Otherwise you endanger yourself and others.


Open fire and the shooting of pyrotechnic objects (such as rockets, firecrackers, Bengal lights, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Otherwise you endanger other spectators, event participants and last but not least yourself to a high degree.


Weapons and weapons-like objects may not be brought onto the event site.


It is forbidden to bring animals into the event area.


Use the waste containers provided for your waste and please separate your waste as described on the bins.


You hereby acknowledge that Events involving automobiles, this Event and certain related activities (including, without limitation, the Social Events) are hazardous. The Flying Lap GbR and persons involved in the organization of the event (including officials, marshals and rescue and medical personnel), competitors and drivers (this group also includes, where relevant, all officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers and affiliated companies) are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to you or your property. This applies to losses or damages up to the maximum amount permitted under German law.


If you need assistance, please contact the on-site medical staff. An ambulance will be available throughout the event.

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