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We are a fairly new and small company, do we need an organizational chart?

It is always a good idea to develop an organization chart. We can develop one with you that includes all current positions and keeps an eye on what they expected upcoming positions will be based on your company's growth plan.

We currently do annual reviews for our staff, is that enough?

Doing a review once a year should be seen as the absolute minimum frequency. That being said, the most important consideration is not how often the review is taking place, but rather, how effective is the review. What is being evaluated? Who is conducting it? What is the purpose of the review? These are some of the questions we would ask you during an initial consultation regarding your performance management practices.

We like to promote from within, is that succession planning?

Yes, at a very basic level. A fully developed succession management plan would look to identify high potential individuals in your organization and create a path for them to continue to grow and develop inside your company. The goals is to keep your high potential employees engaged and motivated as they continue to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for more senior critical roles that may arise in the future.

What is Job Analysis?

We often focus on the performance of individuals in specific jobs. Job analysis looks at the position itself, not the person occupying the role. Is the role focused on the right tasks? Is the role at the right level of seniority? Are any of the deliverables for the role out of place? These are the types of questions we ask when we complete a job analysis.


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